Looks like Gabriel thinks it’s a good idea.


Looks like Gabriel thinks it’s a good idea.

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Barnes and Noble celebrates the 75 anniversary of Batman.

I happen to work there. This is my attempt at harley quinn makeup in like 10 minutes. I felt really horrible this morn but I like the picture.

Go celebrate if they have one open. They’re giving stuff away.

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  • AND
  • I
  • AINT
  • OF 
  • HIM

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I keep saying this.

But I miss you all. I’m working all the time and I’m exhausted and just overall sick.

But I’m going to try!

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So there’s this girl who was in my class this week. 8 years old, named Bella. Yesterday she was absent, and this was because she was visiting her father on set. Because her father is Mark Ruffalo.


Oh yes.


I spent a week supervising Mark Ruffalo’s daughter and didn’t know until the last day of class.




Imagine if mark Ruffalo saw this on tumblr…

What do you mean ‘imagine’? He probably already did

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make me choosebuckyremembers → x-men or vs the avengers (+ loki & nick fury)

Best edit I’ve seen in my life.

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I think it’s important to remind each and everyone of you that you’re worth it. You may look at yourself, see a flaw that only you can see. But guess what? I’m pretty sure if I saw you I wouldn’t judge you on looks. In fact I might not even judge you. Ever heard the expression “The tea pot calling the kettle black”? My mother and grandmother use it a lot. It means you’re basically judging someone when you’ve got a shitton wrong with you. So why would I? But that’s besides the point. You’re an amazing person. Whoever you are. Girl or boy. You’re beautiful and don’t you ever settle. Never never never.

Do NOT settle.

Don’t change yourself for someone.

If you genuinely think you have to change something about yourself for someone to truly like/love you, somethings wrong with them, not you. So don’t change. Pick your head up. Smile. Be happy. I wanted to make this post a girl empowerment kind of thing, maybe tell you that you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no manbut I remembered all the boys that go through the same things girl do.

So, guess what? For everyone:

You’re a strong, independent individual who deserves the very best. Screw the rest who wanna tell you otherwise.

I believe, whoever you are, that you deserve the best things in life.

As long as you’re not a dick.

and also as long as you like vanilla ice cream bc if you don’t I think we might have some problems.

No jk.

am I.

No I am. I love you guys so much. I see posts all the time from so many lovely bloggers and I wanna give back to them so…I guess this is the best way I can. To my followers, to the people who I follow, to everyone. I love you. <3

I love you dearie.

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